New Performance Page: Enhanced Transparency 👓

Product Update

23 May 2018

Noticed anything different in the Performance page? If not, go on and check out the GetGo signal chart in the app now - a new addition has made its entry: the green circle!

We figured that as well as sharing win rates of the signals with the orange (Hot signals) and blue circles (all signals), we owe it to all of you GetGoers to show how you are doing. Hence, the green circle now shows the win rate for client trades in the given time period, which is updated on a weekly basis.

The impact of GetGo's Level

Since introducing GetGo's Level (the algo's suggestion of a Profit Target level for each trade), 55.2% of clients' trades have finished in profit, after costs.

What's more, 35 out of 36 markets had better Profit & Loss outcomes with a Profit Target set at GetGo's Level than when the Profit Target was turned off. Talk about successful app features! 🎺

Somewhat surprisingly, this has caused Not-Hot signals to have a better win rate than Hot signals!

The Signals team is hard at work πŸ“πŸ“ŒπŸ“ coming up with a way to better categorize "Hot", look out for more details on this in the coming weeks.

Remember that not every trade will be a winner, and in trading you do get sequential losses, but all the evidence we've seen so far is that using GetGo's Level should result in better P&L outcomes!

#7tipsin7days series

Lately, we've also been busy creating and recording GetGo trading tips.

As a team we've come up with the #7tipsin7days series, a welcome kit for everyone who is about to start trading on GetGo, those who'd like to give GetGo a try but are unsure where to start from, and those who don't feel like they have enough knowledge of the app to get going.

Each tip was recorded by a different member of the team πŸŽ™Β, we hope you like them!

Here's the list, you can click on them and watch them on YouTube:

Tip #1 - Look out for HOT signals

Tip#2 - Managing Trade Sizes

Tip #3 - Profit Targets 

Tip #4Understanding Charges

Tip #5View Your Account Summary

Tip #6Signal Notification Preferences

Tip #7Track Your Trading Performance


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