What Are Parallel Signals?

Product Update

26 September 2018

Don’t you just love it when the good news keeps on coming?

To provide you with even better signals, we have further refined the AI-enhanced algorithm that spots and selects GetGo trading opportunities.

We launched GetGo in the UK in January earlier this year and, until very recently, one of its features has been that only one signal at a time was presented for each market. This meant, for example, that as a GetGo’er you would never have seen more than one EUR/USD signals simultaneously. βœ–

In line with our commitment to keeping things simple, this restriction was aimed at avoiding confusion whereby the app would ping multiple signals for the same market going in the very same direction, or in opposite directions, i.e. EUR/USD UP, EUR/USD DOWN. β¬†β¬‡πŸ”€

However, extensive testing has shown that the overall win rates of GetGo signals could be improved by an average between 2% and 5%, if we introduced Parallel Signals.

And so we did, you may have noticed, which is why we are now here trying to make the concept of Parallel Signals clear. πŸ’Ž

You can expect to see up to four active signals for the same market at the same time - some might be UP signals (buy) and some might be DOWN signals (sell), while others might tell you to trade exactly in the same direction.

Parallel Signals are signals on the same market whose time windows partially overlap, so they can appear simultaneously. But most importantly, they have different End Times and Trigger Prices, which means that, if traded, they will open and close at different times and at different prices. πŸ•—

They are basically dependent on different emerging patterns identified by the algo in the markets, and therefore fundamentally distinct.

These changes don’t impact the way that you trade on GetGo, however you can now expect to have multiple positions open at the same time for the same market – our only goal with this is to try to improve Performance!

Send your questions and suggestions to feedback@getgo.trade. We look forward to hearing from you! Make sure you follow us on social media and visit our blog to stay up-to-date with all the last developments and upgrades to the app.

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