Why We Love Push Notifications (and You Should Too!)

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04 June 2018

We've touched on this before and it's where the true power of GetGo lies: its notifications πŸ’¬.

But what are notifications? You get them all the time, and so do we! We love them 😍, they're those messages that pop up on our smartphones from apps we have installed, even when the apps are closed, and send us the most up-to-date news and information when we are on the fly.

Why do they add so much value to the GetGo app and your trading experience?

There are 2 main points to this:

  1. GetGo's uses notifications to alert you of real-time trading opportunities (GetGo's signals) which the algo has identified in the markets based on historical trends
  2. Signals are only valid for a time window of between 1-4 hours

As you know, timing is crucial in grabbing opportunities so GetGo sends you signals as soon as it spots an opportunity so that you can act quickly and avoid missing it 🀳. And by saying quickly, we actually mean that sometimes trade signals can expire within seconds of them being released so when an opportunity is gone, it's gone. As simple as that.

And how convenient is it to have the algo scanning the financial markets for you and searching for trading opportunities, while you're busy and engaged in your daily activities?

And it needn't be a hassle either! We understand that with so many apps on your phone (60-90 on average per user according to a 2017 report from App Annie 😱), so many brands trying to sell you more stuff, and so much happening out there, it can get frustrating and challenging to manage, or even acknowledge, all those notifications... 😭.

The GetGo app alone generates around 100 signals per day, which is why with GetGo you can, and should, conveniently adjust your notification preferences to work around your everyday life. What's more, those are your trading opportunities so it is in your best interest to received them in real-time. Yes, you can still go in and check for signals within the app if your notifications are turned off, but they might have been released hours before and be very close to their 'End at' time.

Therefore, to make the most out of GetGo, it's better to switch notifications on and set when you want to receive them


If you tell us we can only send you signals between 3pm and 6pm every day, that's what we'll do. If you think you might be up for trading while you lunch or have breakfast, that's when we'll ping you the notifications. You can also decide what signals you want to receive, e.g. all, hot, within a given track record range, etc., simply set your preferences via the filter button on the Signal page. You can go in and adjust them at any time.

With notifications, GetGo is better πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί.

The GetGo team

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