Why Experienced Traders Enjoy GetGo Too


13 September 2018

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci 

And yet traditional trading comes out so complicated with its graphs, charts and busy dashboards as well as the need for extensive research on what to trade, constant monitoring of your positions and trying to account for trading costs like variable spreads, commissions, back-to-base conversions, and other fees.

Oh, trust us… we know. We ain’t created GetGo for no reason ๐Ÿค“

Here is why experienced traders enjoy GetGo so much: it strips out or simplifies all of those things!

1. The algorithm and its signals

To start with, the algorithm (we call it the algo) does the hard work for you by analysing millions of data points every hour to identify trade opportunities (signals) as patterns in the financial markets. We have run over 30 million back-tests creating a machine that learns and evolves over time.

Then there’s the frequency of signals - about 100 per day (and don’t worry you can adjust notifications to manage how many and which ones you want to receive) which ensures you always have ready access to real-time trade opportunities and that you get alerted when they’re coming up too!

2. Short and straightforward process: 

  • The algo spots an opportunity
  • Sends you a notification
  • You view the signal in the app
  • Adjust your Trade Size (and Profit Target if you wish) and hit GO

Then you can either let GetGo manage the trade for you or watch it going, update, close or cancel it manually. If you choose the first option, you can regain control of your trade at any time. You’re in control, and should you get stuck or need help with your trades, our Customer Services team are on hand 24h a day by chat, phone or email.

To discover more about GetGo signals and how it all works, click here.

3. Charges – simplified!

Our costs are fixed, so you always know exactly how much you’ll be paying before you place your trade. There’s no overnight financing, no commissions, and there’s no extra charge for guaranteed stop losses either! The only fee you’ll ever pay is the trade charge.

4. Analyse your results

In the Performance section of the app you can access your full trading history. You can see your trades broken down by Hot v Not Hot, by Market, and for each individual trade you can see when it was in loss, and more importantly, when you could have closed out for a profit.

We also show you how the algo is doing, with win rates displayed for all signals and separately for Hot signals, as well as the win rate for other GetGo’ers.

Still skeptical? ๐Ÿ‘“

More reasons to try GetGo

Every GetGo trade is placed with a guaranteed stop – we do this so we can commit to you what the Max Loss on each trade will be before you hit ‘GO’. It means you have complete peace of mind. On the flip side, your entry order can have positive slippage – i.e. if the price gaps over your requested price, we will fill you at the better price: win-win.

Speaking of peace of mind – GetGo is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, and proud of it. It ensures your account is governed by a high quality regulator.

And with a low minimum deposit of just $100 and the fact that with GetGo you can never lose more than what you put in, we think it’s well worth a try if you’ve traded before and want to see the advantages of trading with GetGo.

The GetGo team

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