Now you don’t need to be a trader to trade

You don’t need to be a trader to trade

The world is full of signals, and GetGo pings you some from the world’s financial markets! You GET the signal, choose your potential profit, set how much you are prepared to lose then hit GO to place the trade. Click here to watch the video.

Trading Reinvented

What makes GetGo unique:

  • Full suite of 'How to' tools to get you started quickly
  • Easy-to-read and stylish trading dashboard
  • Real-time trade signals as notifications
  • Flexible trade sizes
  • Unlimited upside
  • Limited downside
  • Dedicated support team on-hand 24/5

Using historical patterns to guide trading decisions is a well-established discipline among professional traders, and GetGo uses continuous back-testing and machine learning to get better and better at spotting the patterns that matter. Every signal comes with an automatic guaranteed stop loss to protect your downside, so you can trade with confidence.