New Accounts

How do I open an account?

GetGo is a mobile-only trading service and as such you need to install the app to create an account. To comply  with the regulations we ask you to answer some questions about yourself and take a short knowledge test. Don't worry, we've put together some walk-throughs, accessible in Preview mode, to bring you up to speed and you can view them before you apply for an account!

Do I need trading experience to open an account?

You don't need prior trading experience to open an account and start trading with us. However, it's important that you understand certain key concepts, the risks involved as well as the nature of our product, which is why we ask you to pass a short knowledge test before you can open your account.

Who can open an account?

Firstly, you must be over 18. If you are, we will ask you a number of questions to ensure your financial situation and experience of financial products are in line with Australian regulations. As part of this, we'll ask you to pass a short knowledge test but don't worry, we've put together some walk-throughs, accessible in Preview mode, to bring you up to speed and you can view them before you apply for an account!

How long does it take to open an account?

The app form takes 5 minutes to fill out, and most accounts are approved straight away.  However, in some cases, it is a regulatory requirement that we ask you to provide additional documents such as proof of ID or address, which may lenghten the application time. You can easily do this either via the GetGo app or by email.

Why do I need to complete a test?

As an Australian regulated entity, GetGo must ensure our products are appropriate and suitable for our customers. We therefore ask you questions to ensure that you understand the nature of the product and the risks involved in trading but don't worry, we've put together some walk-throughs, accessible in Preview mode, to bring you up to speed and you can view them before you apply for an account!

Can I open a joint account?

At this time we do not offer joint accounts.

Can I have more than one GetGo account?

At present we don't offer this option.

Do you offer a Demo account?

We don't offer a demo account. However when you first download the app, it will be in Preview mode which allows you to receive signals (remember to accept notifications!) and see the steps involved in trading without actually placing a live trade. To trade, you will need to create an Account.

Trade Signals

What are trade signals?

Each trade signal represents a potential trading opportunity. When GetGo identifies an emerging pattern in a market where there's been a consistent outcome historically, it pings you a signal. It's then your choice whether to trade the signal or not.

Can I change my signal notification preferences?

Yes, adjust your notifcation preferences via the filter button on the signal tab in the app.

How long do I have to trade on a signal?

You must place a trade on a signal before the emerging pattern completes. If you are looking at the speedometer on the signal card, you must place the trade before the Points to Trigger reaches zero.

Can I trade a market without a signal?

No, the only way to place a trade on GetGo is to follow the signals that you are presented with.

Why are some signals hot?

GetGo constantly learns from the performance of the signals and tells you which ones have performed better in the past. 'HOT' signals are the best performing historically and stand out for their orange colour and the flame icon. Toasty.

How long are the signals valid for?

Signals can be valid for a window of between 1-4 hours and each signal is presented with an 'Ends at' time. The Ends at time shows when the signal (and thus the trading period) expires. At the signal expiry, if you have an open position it will automatically be closed and the profit/loss applied to your account. If a signal does not trigger before the end time, all pending trades for that signal are cancelled.

What markets are available to trade?

GetGo produces signals on Index Markets, Commodity Markets and Forex Markets. For further information on these Markets, see our Product Information section.

When are pending signals cancelled?

If a signal has not triggered within five minutes of the signal 'Ends at' time, we remove it and cancel any pending trades placed on the signal. We do this as a security measure because history suggests it's unlikely that there is enough time left to make the trade worthwhile.

What type of trading is this?

When trading a GetGo signal you are opening a CFD (Contract for Difference). This allows you to speculate on whether the price of a market will rise or fall without ever owning the underlying asset. The price of financial markets are quoted in points and you choose to trade an amount 'per point' movement - e.g. $3 per point. The size of your profit or loss is based on how many points the market moves from when your trade opens to when it closes.

When are the markets open?

GetGo Markets are typically open 24hrs a day from 10pm Sunday to 11pm Friday . Some markets may have a trading break during certain times of the day. For further info on specific trading hours for a market, see the market information window on each signal in the app.

Trade Ticket

What is Trade Size?

The amount you want to make, or are prepared to lose, for each point (whole number) movement in the price of the market. Therefore if you place a trade on a signal designed to benefit from price increases with a Trade Size of $3 and a trigger price of 7,230,  and the live price increases to 7,235, your profit will be (7,235 - 7,230) x $3 = $15 . On the other hand, if the live price moves unfavourably to 7,225, your loss will be: (7225 - 7230) x $3 = $15.

What is the minimum/maximum size I can trade?

Minimum trade sizes start from as little as 10p. The maximum Trade Size permitted will vary from market to market. Check the market information on a particular signal and view the min and max trade sizes for that signal.

What is the cost of placing a trade?

Placing a trade with GetGo has a cost – it’s calculated by multiplying the Charge with your Trade Size.

The Charge is shown on the market information window of each signal, and will vary from market to market. You can set your trade size anywhere you like within the min and max values, provided you have sufficient funds in your account.

The cost is only charged when the trade triggers – there is no Charge for untriggered trades.

GetGo only releases signals that, based on historical performance, are expected to cover the costs of the trade.

What does Points to Trigger mean?

The Points to Trigger speedometer shows how far away the pattern is to completing, that is how many points the live price needs to move to trigger the signal and any trades placed on it.  You need to place a trade on a signal before the Points to Trigger reaches zero, otherwise you miss the trading opportunity. The lower the Points to Trigger, the closer the signal is to being triggered.

What is the Trigger Price?

The Trigger Price marks the start of the trade. The live price needs to reach the Trigger Price for trades placed on the signal to open. The points to trigger speedometer tracks the distance in points between the live price and the trigger price.

What is the Track Record?

A Track Record is displayed for each signal. This is the percentage of times that a specific outcome occurred historically (not the probability of the outcome). The track record contains a % and a price direction - either UP or DOWN. For example, '95% UP' would indicate that GetGo observed the price move up 95% of the time after the emerging pattern had completed.  

What is the Risk/Reward value?

The Risk/Reward value tells you how much the market price is expected to move during the signal window. Represented by a '$' rating between 1-5 (min=$; max=$$$$$). The greater the number of '$' symbols, the higher the expected price movement.

What is the Ends at time?

Signals are valid for a fixed time period, typically between 1-4 hours. The Ends at time shows when this period ends and when all associated open trades will be automatically closed.

How will I know my trade has been placed?

You will receive a notification when your pending trade has been triggered.

What is Potential Profit?

An indication of how much you could make if the trade performs well. As you increase or decrease your trade size, your potential profit will change accordingly.

What is Max Loss?

The maximum amount you could lose if the trade does not perform as expected. You control your Max Loss by adjusting your Trade Size before placing a trade.

What is the Live Price?

This is the current price of the market.

What is the Profit Target?

By default, and based on past performance, the app sets a Profit Target for every signal - we call it 'GetGo's Level'.  However you can set your own or turn the Profit Target off altogether. If, at any time, the Profit on your Open Trade reaches the Profit Target you set up, GetGo will instantly close your trade and lock in your profit.

Pending Trades

Why is my position pending and not open?

Trades you place remain pending until the Points to Trigger reaches zero. When this happens, the trade opens and you get notified.

Can I cancel a pending trade?

Yes, you can cancel pending trades. Go to the Position tab and on to the Pending screen. Click on the trade you wish to cancel and then hit the 'CANCEL TRADE' button.

Why didn't my pending trade open?

Pending trades only open when the Live Price of the market reaches the Trigger Price (when the Points to Trigger hits zero). So if  this doesn't happen during the signal window, the signal is withdrawn and all pending trades on that signal are cancelled.

Why was my trade cancelled?

There are two possible scenarios when GetGo will cancel a pending trade. Firstly, if theTrigger Price isn't reached within five minutes to end of the signal window, the pending trade is cancelled because history suggests there is unlikely to be enough time left for the trade to be worthwhile. Secondly, a pending trade is cancelled when the live price moves too far away from the Trigger Price as history suggests it is less likely to make a profit.

Open Trades

How do I close an open trade?

You can close a trade in four ways:

1) Manually, by going to the open trades screen, selecting the trade you wish to close and clicking the 'CLOSE TRADE' button;
2) Let GetGo do it automatically for you when you set a Profit Target and the target is reached at anytime during the signal window;
3) Again, automatically when the market price moves unfavourably and reaches your Max Loss, so you are protected from losing anymore than you've set for that trade;
4) Or, set and forget, and the trade will automatically close at the 'Ends at' time.

What determines the profit or loss on a trade?

The amount of profit or loss is determined by the difference between the open price and the close price, in points, multiplied by your trade size. It is possible to profit from price movement in the market, either upward or downward, depending on the direction of your trade. Therefore if you place a trade on a signal designed to benefit from price increases with a Trade Size of $3 and a trigger price of 7,230,  and the live price increases to 7,235, your profit will be (7,235 - 7,230) x $3 = $15 . On the other hand, if the live price moves unfavourably to 7,225, your loss will be: (7225 - 7230) x $3 = $15.

Where do I see my profit or loss on a trade?

You can see the current profit or loss of each open trade in the Open screen in the Position tab. You can check final results for closed trades under Your Performance in the Performance tab.

Why did my Max Loss figure on my Pending trade change when my trade opened?

Financial markets can move very quickly. Occasionally this results in a trade being opened at a different Trigger Price than the one shown on your Pending trade. When this happens, the Max Loss will adapt accordingly, but don't worry because GetGo will only ever allow it to decrease so it's never higher than the level shown on your Pending trade.

Trade History

Where can I see my trade history?

You can view your trade history, and every signal you've traded individually, under Your Performance in the Performance tab.

Where can I see my overall profit or loss?

Your net profit is displayed on the Performance screen, you can adjust the date range to see how you did in a particular time period.

What is the GetGo Performance?

GetGo shows an overall performance history for all signals released to the App. You can see a record of GetGo's Win/Loss rate for all signals and HOT signals, as well as details of the best performing and worst performing signals.

What does an 'X' next to a signal mean?

Trades with an 'X' next to them on Your Performance screen were placed but cancelled before triggering.

Funding and Withdrawals

How do I fund my account?

To fund your account go to the MyAccount screen and follow the instructions.

What payment methods are accepted?

Debit card: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Electron

Credit card: Visa, MasterCard

You can have a maximum of three cards registered to your account at one time.

If you want to fund in GBP or EUR, you can do so via wire transfer. Details are available within the app. Card deposits in GBP and EUR will be available in the near future.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can fund?

You can fund your account starting from $200 and up to a maximum of $20,000 in one transaction.

Here is what we suggest:

$200              Enough to test GetGo with small size trades
$500              Our recommended amount to let you trade any GetGo signal
$1,000+         For more experienced traders and those who want to trade larger sizes or more frequently

Remember, you must have enough funds in your account to cover the Max Loss per signal in order to trade it.

Who can fund the account?

Only the account holder can fund the account. We strictly prohibit payments from anyone other than the account holder.

How do I withdraw my funds?

You can withdraw funds at any time by going to the MyAccount screen and following the instructions.

How long does a withdrawal take?

Most are processed within hours, but please allow up to 3 working days.

How much can I withdraw in one time?

The minimum amount is the lower of $50 or your available account balance.

The maximum amount is $20,000 in a single online transaction during a 24 hr period. To withdraw an amount greater than this, please contact our customer support team on 1800 319 470 or email

Where can I withdraw to?

Withdrawals will be processed back to the card used to make the deposit. Only excess funds (profits) can be withdrawn to an alternative card registered on your account, subject to verification.

Are there any charges?

No, there are no charges for withdrawals.

What if I no longer have access to a previous payment option?

If you no longer have access to the previous payment method you will need to register a new card. Please contact for further assistance.

How is my money protected?

All client funds are held in Segregated Client Money bank accounts held with secure tier 1 banks.

Managing My Account

How do I update my personal details?

You can update your personal details by containing our customer support team at or by contacting us on  1800 319 470.

What does GetGo do with my personal information?

Read our Privacy Policy here.

How often will I receive push notifications?

You will receive roughly four new signal notifications per day. Or you can adjust the number via the filter button on the Signals tab in the app.

Will I receive statements and contract notes for my account?

Yes, you will receive daily contract notes monthly statements. These will be sent to the email address registered on your account.

I have forgotten my username/password, what do I do?

You can click on the forgotten password link on the login screen of the app. Alternatively, contact our customer support team at or by phone on  1800 319 470.

How do I close my account?

You can close your account by contacting our customer support team at or by contacting us on  1800 319 470.

Technical Help/Troubleshooting

What are the system requirements for the app?

GetGo is currently only compatible with iPhone and requires IOS 8.0 or later. To get notified when GetGo is available for Android, register here.

What do I do if I receive an error when placing a trade?

If you receive an error please contact our customer support team immediately on  1800 319 470, or email and we will do everything we can to assist you.

What do I do if I have a complaint regarding the app?

To register a complaint please contact our customer support team at


Is GetGo authorised and regulated?

GetGo and GetGo Trade are trading names of GAIN Capital Australia Pty Ltd which is authorized and regulated by the Australia Securities and Investments Commission (ACN 141 774 727, AFSL 345646).

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