This shows the Market that the Signal relates to. GetGo produces Signals on Foreign Exchange Markets, Commodity Markets and Equity Index Markets.


The price of each market on GetGo is measured in points. The profit or loss you make on a trade is simply your Trade Size multiplied by the number of the points that the market has moved. For example, if your Trade Size is $2, and the market moves up or down by 10 points, your profit or loss would be $20.


A measure of the expected price movement of the market during the signal window. Represented by a '$' rating between 1-5. The greater the number of '$' symbols, the greater the likely price movement.

Ends at

Signals are only valid for a fixed time. When the end of the time window is reached the trading opportunity has expired. Any Open trades on this signal will be automatically closed, and any Pending trades will be automatically cancelled.

Trade Size

The amount you want to make, or are prepared to lose, for each point (whole number) movement in the price of the market.

Potential Profit

An indication of how much you could make if the trade performs well. As you increase or decrease your trade size, your potential profit will change accordingly.

Max Loss

The total amount you could lose if the trade does not perform as expected. As you increase or decrease your trade size, your max loss will change accordingly.

Live Price

This is the current price of the Market.

Profit Target

With each trade, you have the option to set a profit target. If your Open trade reaches your profit target GetGo will instantly close it to lock in your profit.


Once you place a trade on a Signal, it will remain 'Pending' until either the trigger price is reached and the trade becomes 'Open', or until the Ends at time on the signal is reached, in which case the Pending trade is removed. Both Open and Pending trades are shown on the GetGo Positions screen.

Positions - Open

A list of your Open trades where the Trigger Price on the signal has been reached. You will be shown the profit or loss which is being made on each Open trade.

Positions - Pending

A list of your trades where the Trigger Price has not yet been reached. For each trade, you will be shown the Points to Trigger on the signal.

Available Funds

The funds on your account which can be used for placing new trades. This figure does not include the current profit or loss on Open trades as well as the max loss amounts on any Pending trades. When you place a new trade, the max loss amount will be deducted from your Available Funds.

Hot Signals

Signals are highlighted 'Hot' when GetGo identifies a strong historical performance. It's not a guarantee of a winning trade, or that the strong historical perfromance will continue.

Market Information

Market Information is accessed by clicking the top of each Signal window. The Market Information window displays technical info relating to the Signal and Market, including the Charge, Market Hours and Dealing parameters.


This is the cost you incur when placing a trade. This cost is built into both your max loss figure and your open profit figure. So the amount you see on your Open trade is the amount you win or lose at the time the trade is closed.

Market Hours

The hours of the day when it's possible for signals to be generated on this Market.

GetGo Performance

A record of GetGo's Win/Loss % for All Signals, including Hot Signals. You can see a record of GetGo's best performing and worst performing signals.

Your Performance

A record of your previous trades, including any cancelled trades. Cancelled trades will be marked with an 'X'.

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