• Why Experienced Traders Enjoy GetGo Too

    Traditional trading comes out so complicated with its graphs, charts and busy dashboards as well as the need for extensive research on what to trade, constant monitoring of your positions and trying to account for trading costs like variable spreads, commissions, back-to-base conversions, and other fees....

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  • The Benefits of Active Trade Management

    One of the best things about GetGo is that it’s packed full of great features which help you to manage your trades easily and effectively. If you ask any experienced trader, they’ll tell you that effective Trade Management is very important. But what exactly does that mean...?

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  • The Improved Way to Monitor Your Trading Activity

    The GetGo team just can’t sit still 🕺💃 and, after the last update on GetGo’s performance, we continued working on the Your Performance section of the app. As a result, what was initially a list of all your individual trades by date, has now evolved!

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  • Why We Love Push Notifications (and You Should Too!)

    We’ve touched on this before and it’s where the true power of GetGo lies: its notifications 💬. But what are notifications? You get them all the time, and so do we! We love them 😍, they’re those messages that pop up on our smartphones from apps we have installed...

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  • Forex: The Market That Never Sleeps

    Summer is on its way and more of us will be traveling abroad 🏝️⛱️, we’ll need Euros, US Dollars, Australian Dollars or other currencies depending on where our vacations take us. So today we’ll talk about Forex, the largest and most liquid asset class in the world...

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  • Introducing GetGo's Level 🎯

    GetGo isn’t just another trading app! When we decided to create GetGo we put the user at the centre of everything we did and as such our main goal remains to improve customer outcomes in trading. 📈 To do that...

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  • What’s New in GetGo 1.0.7

    We’ve built GetGo with users in mind so we listen to what you have to say and improve the app as we go. In the last release we’ve made some user-led changes and here is an outline of what we’ve done...

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  • Did Someone Say Commodity Trading?

    Today, let’s talk commodities! We are sure you know more about it than you actually think and that’s because we all use commodities every day. When we buy coffee, bread, sugar, when we go to the petrol station or even turn the heating on at home, we are directly consuming commodities...

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  • How to Read a GetGo Signal

    There’s no need to dwell in complicated charts and graphs. We do the hard work, you just GET the signal and GO trade it. And here it is, in all its majesty: a GetGo signal 🤴. Now let’s go through each and every item on the signal card together...

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