• What’s New in GetGo 1.0.7

    We’ve built GetGo with users in mind so we listen to what you have to say and improve the app as we go. In the last release we’ve made some user-led changes and here is an outline of what we’ve done...

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  • Did Someone Say Commodity Trading?

    Today, let’s talk commodities! We are sure you know more about it than you actually think and that’s because we all use commodities every day. When we buy coffee, bread, sugar, when we go to the petrol station or even turn the heating on at home, we are directly consuming commodities...

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  • How to Read a GetGo Signal

    There’s no need to dwell in complicated charts and graphs. We do the hard work, you just GET the signal and GO trade it. And here it is, in all its majesty: a GetGo signal 🤴. Now let’s go through each and every item on the signal card together...

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  • 3 Quick Tips for Trading on GetGo

    While you can (and indeed should 👩‍🏫) take the GetGo Basics walk-throughs in the app before you start trading, we really like giving you even more tips and tools to ensure you make the most of GetGo. So here they are, 3 tips to ensure you trade smartly...

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  • Welcome to the very first round-up of news and updates from the app

    If you’re new to the world of trading, so is GetGo! In fact, the app is just four months out of beta testing but it’s already pinged over 2,400 Signals to hundreds of you keen to explore this smart new way to trade the financial markets. The algorithm behind the app (we call it the algo for short by the way) uses Machine Learning...

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