More about the Algorithm

The AI-enhanced GetGo algorithm (we call it the algo in short, by the way) is based on the simple notion that a good way to forecast the future is to look at what happened in similar situations in the past. 

In terms of financial trading, we figured that rather than base trading decisions solely on analysis of technical charts or views about evolving economic fundamentals, what would happen if they were based simply on price patterns regularly seen in the financial markets? The idea is that while history rarely repeats itself exactly, it often ‘rhymes’.

To develop the GetGo trading app we’ve written a series of algorithms that can analyse millions of data points every hour. And in a nod to the saying that ‘those who don’t learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them’, we performed over 30 million back-tests, aiming to design a machine that would get better at what it did, the more it did it.

So now we have an algorithm that produces trade signals based on historical facts. Of course, trading with history on your side – to the tune of millions of actual data points – doesn’t guarantee any outcome. But it does give you a certain safety in numbers. So why not give GetGo a go?

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